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» 09.00 h --- Reception and accreditation
Jaime Pujol, Chairman AIMPLAS
Víctor Zapata, Chairman CICLOPLAST
José Monzonís, Valencia Regional Government
» 10.00 h --- The role of plastic and plastic recycling in the European debate on resource efficiency
Dr. Helmut Maurer, Unit Waste Management, DG Environment, European Commission
» 10.30 h --- SESSION 1: Ecodesing, sustainability and resources saving
Moderador: Carlos Cachán, Environmental Journalist and Professor at the University Nebrija of Madrid
Wastes as resources in Spanish legislation. Present and future
Margarita Ruiz, Subdirector General of Waste, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Life Cycle Assessment: a key tool to measure sustainability
Pere Fullana, Director of Unescos’s Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, ESCI–UPF
Packaging and sustainability : 15 years of achievements
Esther Colino, Head of Packaging and Sustainability, Ecoembes
Plastics: Think differently about energy
Patricia Vangheluwe, Director, Consumer & Environment Affairs, PlasticsEurope
To sustainability and resource savings from the distribution sector
Adela Torres, Environment Manager, Mercadona
» 11.25 h --- Q & A session
» 12.00 h --- Coffee Break
» 12.20 h --- SESSION 2: End of life value of plastics
Moderador: Ibón Linacisoro, Editor of the Plásticos Universales Magazine
Transformation of recycled plastics in innovative and sustainable products
Julián Escarpa, Chairman and CEO, Sp-Berner
Recovinyl initiative, an example of voluntary industry commitment
Claudia Ribeiro, Local Agent of the Iberian Region, Recovinyl
The value of plastics as alternative fuel for cement industry
Dimas Vallina, Managing Director of the Cement and Environment Labour Foundation (CEMA Foundation)
Enerplas. Opportunities and challenges for RDF plant from waste plastics
Daniel Gambús, CEO, Sabic Marketing Ibérica

Alternatives to convert plastic waste into resources
Vicente Hernández, Coordinator of Polyethylene in the Technology Division, Repsol
Steps for implementing a recovery system in SMEs
Enrique López, Head of Environmental Department of Planning of the Waste Area, Generalitat Valenciana
» 13.25 h --- Q & A session
» 14.00 h --- Lunch
» 15.30 h --- SESSION 3: Case studies of new markets for recycled plastic
Moderador: Abel Campos, Environmental Journalist, Television in Valencia Region Canal Nou
Asphalt modified with recycled plastic for roads more sustainable. Research results Cicloplast-Ditecpesa / Ferrovial 2010-2012
Santiago Gil Redondo, Head of Laboratory (Quality, R&D), Ditecpesa
Plastic innovation projects: case studies of successful
Eva Verdejo, Head of Recycling and Environment, AIMPLAS
RDF: alternative fuel tailor made from waste
Hermann Kraeling, CEO, Tecpol
Prowaste European project: how to turn difficult plastics waste into high value products
Alberto Caldeiro,Technical Director, CICLOPLAST
Ecolabeling: an environmental tool present in public procurement plans
José Mª Massip, Sustainability Department, Generalitat de Catalunya
» 16.25 h --- Q & A session
» 17.00 h --- CLOSING REMARKS
Teresa Martínez, Director, CICLOPLAST
José Antonio Costa, Director, AIMPLAS
» 17.30 h --- End of Discussion Day
Following the Discussion Day will take place a free workshop of the RECYTUBE project: "Expert panel related to high - tech plastic recycling - RECYTUBE project"
Organized By:
Jornada - Debate: Sostenibilidad, Valorización y Reciclado de los Plásticos

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