Why would be interesting being a sponsor of our international seminar?

It entails, among other, the following advantages for your company:

• Reinforcement of your corporate image: the sponsorship of an event of such characteristics associates your corporate image to the interest for innovation and new applications.

• Market positioning: by associating your brand to the event you are positioning your company at the forefront of the sector, reinforcing your quality image and leadership.

• Promoting the communication: nowadays, being a sponsorship is an alternative that allows you to communicate your brand effectively. During the celebration of the event they will meet a large number of professionals interested in the characteristics of their products and the applications of them. It is a great opportunity to carry out a direct advertising towards an objective public, what positions its brand image and it will give you excellent results.

Forms of sponsorship - Options

If your company is interested in being a partner of this event, please, contact with us:

Elisa Mínguez
Tel. +34 96 136 60 40 – Ext. 180

Gemma Martín
Tel. +34 96 136 60 40 – Ext. 149




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